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This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny. -President Franklin D. Roosevelt
Small Business 

The County Commission has a role in promoting small business for Arapahoe County.  I speak on this issue not in a theoretical sense.  Rather, I have an extensive background in working with and working in the private sector and specifically, with the United States Small Business Adminstration.


Quite simply, I have worked closely with small businesses in consulting, small business development, drafting RFPs, preparing entities in going after government contracts and contesting awards in the bid protest process. 


The recent COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the important role that small businesses play in our daily lives.  I will support small businesses because I understand the need for alliances between private industry and public institutions.  This is a tried and true formula of getting our economy moving again.     

Investment and Growth

One of the most important goals that I will pursue is to ensure fiscal responsibility.  Fiscal responsibility is the key to spurring economic investment and growth.  

Having previously specialized in the area of government contract law, I possess a unique qualification regarding federal, state and local procurement.  I would use these experiences in furtherance of the county's best interests.  

We will continue to expand the economic base and work to ensure that the rising tide of economic prosperity lifts all boats.

We must also get a handle of the county's budget.  Irresponsible spending has the potential of negatively impacting the county's credit rating and this could prevent investment in roads, bridges, county buildings and open spaces.

Traffic Congestion

The issue of traffic congestion is an ongoing challenge.  This challenge will not be resolved in the matter of months, but must be addressed.  

I will work with our partners in surrounding jurisdictions to finally address this ongoing challenge in traffic and transportation.  

Protecting Natural Resources and the Environment

The Arapahoe County Commission possesses powers that impact agriculture, wildlife and rural affairs, land use and natural resources as well as public lands.  One of my priorities will be to ensure that the Commission is a responsible steward of our natural beauty and resources.

Unions & Organized Labor

I support the right of workers to organize around fair wages, health benefits, job site safety, and training which are the hallmark of a civilized society.  Labor unions have, in part,  also been instrumental in implementing unemployment compensation insurance as well as securing benefits for workers injured on the job.  Collective bargaining for union workers generates higher wages and those wages are used by the consumer to purchase goods and services which spur economic growth.  Therefore our financial wellbeing depends on the success of labor unions.   


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