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My name is Idris Keith and I am a citizen of Arapahoe County - District 3.  I am an attorney, a husband, a father and an active member in my church.  My wife and I have 2 wonderful children and, as all parents, we are concerned about their future.

I am running for the Arapahoe County Commission in District 3 because this is the greatest place to live in the United States of America.  And, needless to say, District 3 deserves leadership that matches the greatness of her residents.  

If elected, I will focus every degree of mind and spirit that I possess to:

  • Public safety which includes ensuring that all citizens feel safe in their homes, in their neighborhoods and that threats to persons and property are addressed quickly and efficiently;

  • Working with developers and citizens to guarantee that growth and expansion in District 3 are handled responsibly without impacting property values and the well-earned equity in your homes; and

  • Creating an environment of freedom to invest and generate revenue which would unleash our county's true economic potential.

These are but a few of my core beliefs.  I intend to meet every voter in District 3 and I welcome the opportunity to earn your vote.  If you believe as I believe in the ideals listed above, I hope you will join us in this effort to restore District 3 to a young, vibrant, entrepreneurial place atop of Colorado's economy.

Idris Keith


  • Attorney with extensive experience working with the private sector

  • Subject matter expert in small business consulting (i.e., working with small businesses in responding to RFPs, creating marketing strategies, assisting small businesses in securing certifications, assisted in creating joint venture agreements and problem resolution in general/subcontractor issues)

  • Subject matter expert in small business development (i.e., creating small business entities LLC, LLP, LP and small corporations), assisted in securing capital for small businesses;

  • Assisted small businesses in the government procurement process including bid protests 

  • Former Administrative Hearings Officer presiding over hearings determining entitlement to unemployment compensation and later on overseeing entitlement to Medicaid hearings

  • Investigated allegations of discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodations.

  • Served as a Probation Officer and experienced in community corrections.

  • I am tested and ready to assume the duties of Arapahoe County Commissioner in District 3


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