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I am Idris Keith, a candidate for Aurora City Council in Ward II.  As a father of school-aged children, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives and has caused even more serious and, sometimes, fatal, consequences for many of our neighbors.  Through this experience; however, my wife and I have doubled our long-standing respect for our children's teachers, our city's first responders, and medical professionals.  The pandemic has shown that we must have the right people in the right positions using their individual expertise to the fullest degree in order to guarantee positive outcomes.  

Elected office and public officials must be viewed in the same manner.  I am running for the Aurora City Council because I possess the experience, education, and training required to effectively navigate our city through these tumultuous times.  




If elected, the key planks of my overall platform are as follows:

Economic Development and Job Creation

As a business attorney who has worked extensively in small business development, small business consulting, and government procurement, I understand the vital role that small businesses play in the overall success of our economy.  I wish to bring a fresh approach to addressing Aurora's problems and intend to generate capital and invest in our neighborhoods and in our neighbors.  

Responsible/Smart Growth & Expansion

Much of the growth occurring in Colorado is occurring here in Aurora.  This growth creates opportunities as well as challenges.  Traffic and congestion have grown worse and our infrastructure is bearing a heavy burden with increased use.  We must continue to welcome growth, but ensure that adequate preparation has occurred and ease the growing pains that persist with development and expansion which interferes with the commute of existing residents.  Allocating continued green spaces is also vital to Aurora's long-term success. 

Public Safety

We must continue to coordinate efforts between community leaders and peace officers, fire and emergency medical technicians to identify ways of addressing crime prevention, creating internship programs for vulnerable populations, and showing solidarity in meeting the complex challenges we face.  The lines of communication must be ongoing and ever-present.

Transparency and Accountability

As a taxpayer, I welcome a government that is responsive to the needs of its constituents.  Our citizens must have full confidence that our government works for everyone.  All aspects of City Hall should reflect the values of Aurora's citizens; or, at the very least, explain why the machinations of government work in a particular manner.  This is the essence of transparency.  Further, your government must be accountable for its actions.  This is not a new concept.  Transparency and Accountability rest at the top of the Democratic Republic and we are owed nothing less.  

These are but a few of my core beliefs.  I intend to meet every voter in Ward II and I welcome the opportunity to earn your vote.  If you believe as I believe in the ideals listed above, I hope you will join us in this effort to keep Ward II as a vibrant, entrepreneurial place atop of Colorado's economy.



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