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Idris believes in creating an economy that works for every Coloradan; where prosperity is not limited to a select few, but shared by all. His vision encompasses policies and initiatives that promote economic growth, support small businesses, and ensure fair opportunities for everyone.  

  •  Support Small Businesses: Idris will provide incentives and resources to support their growth, helping them create jobs and contribute to local economies.  Idris’ vision is to support existing small businesses and to make Aurora and the surrounding areas of SD28 the Minority-Owned Small Business and Woman-Owned Small Business Capital of America.

  •  Promote Job Growth: Idris will collaborate with industries to attract new businesses to Colorado and encourage existing ones to expand. By fostering job growth, we can provide more opportunities for our residents.

  •  Invest in Infrastructure: A strong economy requires modern infrastructure. Idris will advocate for investments in transportation, energy, and digital infrastructure to support economic development across the state.




Idris believes in affordable, accessible, and equitable healthcare coverage for everyone. The cost of healthcare is Colorado's largest expense. Idris will collaborate with stakeholders, healthcare professionals, and community members to solve our healthcare challenges.


  • Expand Telehealth Services: Idris recognizes the importance of convenient healthcare options, especially in rural areas. By expanding telehealth services, we can provide access to medical professionals regardless of location.

  • Healthcare: Community health centers play a vital role in providing essential healthcare services to underserved populations. Idris will allocate resources to strengthen and expand these centers, thus, making healthcare more accessible to all.

  • Women's Rights: Idris is committed to protecting women’s reproductive freedom and right to bodily autonomy, including access to IVF



Idris, a father of two children, is keenly aware of the challenges facing parents, teachers, and students.  Idris is committed to strengthening partnerships to prepare our children to compete in an ever-changing job market.


  • Education Funding: We will advocate for increased funding for schools, providing resources for modern classrooms, technology, and learning materials.

  • Empowering Diverse Learning: We recognize that every student learns differently. Our policies will support diverse learning styles and incorporate innovative teaching methods and personalized education plans.

Supporting Teachers:

  • Competitive Salaries: Teachers are the backbone of our education system. We will work to ensure competitive salaries and benefits, recognizing their invaluable contributions to our society.

  • Professional Development: Continuous learning is critical to teachers' growth and success. We will prioritize professional development programs and allow teachers to stay abreast with the latest teaching techniques and educational advancements.

  • Reducing Administrative Burden: Teachers should focus on teaching, not bureaucratic tasks. We will streamline administrative processes to allow educators to dedicate more time to their students.



Idris understands that affordable housing is a fundamental right and a cornerstone of thriving communities. He is committed to tackling the housing affordability crisis and the pressing challenges of rising housing costs, limited supply, and the need for diverse housing options for all residents.

Increasing Affordable Housing Supply:

  • Streamline Zoning and Permitting: We will work with local governments to streamline zoning and permitting processes to encourage the construction of affordable housing units quickly and efficiently.

  • Incentivize Developers: We will offer incentives to developers who commit to building affordable housing projects and create a robust pipeline of low-income housing.

  • Preserve Existing Affordable Housing: We will implement policies to preserve existing affordable housing units.

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